Red Queen Tarts

Red Queen Tarts founder Candice Reynolds had one of those healthy upbringings that’s so good for you, it feels bad. Forced labor in the garden. Canning the leftovers. Learning old-time skills. There were some perks, like homemade butter and pickles, and raw goat’s milk every week from a local farm, but mostly, too much dirt, too many bees, and a smelly compost pile. Frankly, she hated it, but it’s how she learned both the environmental merits of locally grown ingredients and the importance of taste. A lot of “clean” food, made without chemicals or preservatives, tastes awful, including other organic “pop tarts” that basically taste like the cardboard they’re packaged in. But Candice has also worked in many kitchens that privilege taste alone, completely ignoring issues of food sourcing and sustainability. She’s trying to bridge the gap by combining stellar, responsibly produced non-GMO ingredients (primarily from her home state of Georgia) into a delicious product that screams, “this tastes so good, it must be bad for you!”

The tactic is paying off: since Red Queen Tarts began in September 2010, there’s been growing interest from farmer’s markets, restaurants, caterers, corporate divisions, and organic supermarkets across the East Coast. Keep an eye out for the tarts at a local seller, and feel free to contact Candice at any time with questions and suggestions (and orders. The Red Queen's tarts may be good enough to steal, but it would be so much nicer if you bought them…please?)

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