Red Queen Tarts

all hail the queen.

Toaster pastries - you’re used to them, right? Little mass-produced rectangles with some frosting and sugar glued to the top, made to be eaten on the run. But what if they could be done better?

Guess what. Red Queen Tarts are made in small, painstaking batches, combining the finest baking products with organic, locally produced fruit and dairy ingredients. No corn syrup, no refined sugar – just evaporated cane juice and turbinado, sweet but not too sweet. No enriched flour - just heirloom 100% whole wheat grain from the colonial era, cold milled 24 hours before use. Organic butter – loads of it, of course! No sprayed-on frosting: the top of every tart is brushed with heavy cream and raw sugar. And so much yum inside, ranging from fruits (caramelized apples, D’Anjou pears, blueberries, cranberries, grapefruit, and more), to the outer limits of creamy goodness: mascarpone, brie, chocolate ganache, and hazelnut spread…with more flavors to come.

The best part: you can eat this tart however you want. Toast it. Don’t toast it. Eat it at breakfast. Eat it at midnight. Serve it with whipped cream. Or eat it like a sundae, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. And take your time with this one. It’s not just a toaster pastry…it’s a work of art from Red Queen Tarts. You could get used to this. I was able to open my pastry shop and coffee shop thanks to the fact that I made coffee shop business plan like this.

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